want to see miss mulatto photo shoot with first verse apparel?

Algee Smith

Behind the scences with Algee Smith photo shoot with First Verse Apparel

sweat suits

summer collection
JI "speak your verse"

speak ur verse

It's More than Clothes, It's a Voice!

"Speak Your Verse" and express your style through the widest selection of urban apparel and clothing that are sure to turn heads. First Verse apparel offers fashionable clothes, hats, lingerie, and accessories for men and women.

Developed out of passion for music, First Verse Apparel will bring back memories and express a statement of your character and not necessarily touching social issues. First Verse Apparel creates a strong brand through a diverse selection of products that bring a classy flair to urban wear.

Limited time
audition will be posted very soon
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speak ur verse

The leader in our class

We are always trying to be number one.


we bring the best urban wear in the city

high quality material that looks and feel great

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Letter back pack
weather your back to school or on the go first verse has your back
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