About Us

First Verse Apparel is a new establishing brand that caters to the new and wise generation. As our name suggests, our focus is to provide the now trend wear apparel and accessories, and position ourselves as the top retail store servicing this particular market.

Our intentions are to obtain and become a central hub of shopping activity for the youth as well as others who enjoy wearing First Verse Apparel.

First Verse will be located in Atlanta and New York City to start. The fashion and retail industry tends to be overly youth focused which is not entirely bad but has the disadvantage of resulting in monotonous trends. However, by closely following generational fashion trends as well as our own customers' purchasing preferences, we design our inventory to meet the broad needs of our clientele.

We will solely focus on First Verse yet locally appreciated styles, colors and brands to meet the ever vibrant and young aged ever growing market which has a un satiable taste for fashion. We believe that this is critical to our initial success and long-term growth.


So Please Share and Speak Your Verse!