The Birth of First Verse Apparel

Founded by Curtis Harrison in 2008, First Verse originally received it’s start as an idea to raise money for an online magazine.  In a short period of time, the t-shirts began to have more success than the magazine.  Women began to request the cute comfy baby tee’s for purchase.  Curtis responded to the request of the customers and produced more t-shirts, and eventually had to add T-shirts for men to the mix.

First Verse Apparel, is a Lifestyle apparel looking to reach a wide range of customers. The name was developed by Curtis Harrison, out of his love and passion for music. Whatever the genre, most of us can agree, certain songs bring about certain memories.  All it takes is to hear the First Verse of your favorite song and feet start tapping, heads start swaying and your mind goes back to that first love, that party, your best summer, or whatever the memory, that first verse, begins to create for you.




Our desire is to go from T-shirts to a variety of diverse products that will create wonderful memories all of it’s own.  So whether you love Gospel, R&B, Opera, rock or hip hop, First Verse would love to be a part of your life. 

First Verse sets out to define the lifestyle of the young and the young at heart.  A clothing line for the hip, chic and fashionable!

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